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The alt.comedy.standup FAQ has lots of information about comedy for performers. You can also read the alt.comedy.standup Usenet group at Google groups.

The Apiary is a New York-based comedy news blog.

A Special Thing is a comedy blog and discussion board.

Actress/Singer/Writer/Director/Producer/Gay Icon Julie Brown is taking her act on the road.

Judy Carter teaches standup classes and has a book about doing standup comedy.

Chortle is a UK comedy website.

Chucklemonkey lists open mikes, clubs, festivals, bookers, and more.

Comedy The Magazine is a new quarterly publication.

Comedy Circle is a website with pages on venues, comedians, a forum, and more. Offers a free info page with picture to comics.

Comedy.com has lists of comedians and venues. Use the pull down menu to find the directory. And if you're a comedian, join up to access the backstage message board.

Comedyclub.co.za is a website about comedy in South Africa, including information on South African comedians, venues, and festivals.

Comedy Down Under is a website with information about comedy in Australia.

The Comedy Green Room is a comedy site based in Canada, with info about comedy everywhere.

Comedy Soapbox features blogs by comedians.

Comedyspeak has streaming audio of interviews, roundtables, and more.

ComedyZine -- lots of comedy and humor links.

The Comical is a stand up comedy magazine written by stand up comedians and located in New York.

Comic Attitude has information on Australian comedy, including comedian profiles and interviews, gig guide, and links.

The Coming is a news blog about comedy in Los Angeles associated with The Apiary.

Dead-Frog.com is a comedy blog with news and comedian interviews including Louis CK, Patton Oswalt and Ron White.

Four Directions Talent is a website and searchable database created for Native American actors, comics, models, singers, writers and directors.

FunnyBusiness.ca has standup comics and comedy writers from the largest comedy talent agency in Canada, Funny Business Inc. Listings are searchable by category, including Gay/Lesbian.

Gayellow Pages has listings for GLBT information in the U.S. and Canada.

GirlComic.Net has stuff about and for women comedians.

The Groggy Squirrel is a website with information about comedy in Australia and Australian comedians.

HeyLady.com is a website with much standup comedy information.

itSOGay.com : French website which includes a directory of gay websites.

Marié Lake is a rising performer in stand-up and burlesque shows in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco. She can also be seen as the host of the upcoming web sitcom "Excess Hollywood." She is just back from a festival tour of one-person show "Trophy Life" which was part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Most recently Lake wrote and produced "Arm Candy"- burlesque with a twist, a cute, fun comedy cabaret about- you guessed it- Boys.

LatinoComedy.com lists comedians of Latino heritage who have appeared on national TV.

Laugh.Com sells comedy CDs and has comedian information.

Modest Proposal is a counterculture comedy magazine.

Myspace Comedy has links to comedian profiles.

Nobody Likes Me -- "The place to talk comedy. Seriously." Discussion forum.

Punchline Magazine -- online publication about comedy.

Road Comics -- for comics, by comics -- your home away from the hotel.

Road To Standup is a comedy instructional A.DVD

Rooftop Comedy which has video of comedians doing their standup acts in clubs has a gay/lesbian section.

Shecky Magazine is a website with a blog and articles about standup comedy.

Stage Time Magazine is a online magazine that covers the craft and business of stand up.

Two Drink Minimum is a standup comedy magazine.

Make sure to visit Uncabaret whenever you're in Los Angeles.

Cheril Vendetti is a comedian who tours around the U.S.

Virginmirth is a UK based site with some good tips on starting up a comedy venue and a list of comedy venues in the UK.

World Comedy Network is a group of websites for various regions, including Comedy California.

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